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Emergency Responder at Qatar Foundation

Job Description

Job Purpose: 

To lead and coordinate HSSE Emergency Response Personnel and provide functional supervision for Level 1 tactical response teams in an on-scene commander capacity. To lead Level 1 response incidents to a successful conclusion. Assist in the coordination of emergency response planning and recovery strategies in relation to the Qatar Foundation’s Emergency Response and Crisis Management Plan. Maintaining of all Level I emergency response assets, command centres and equipment and ensuring preparedness. Ensure that a Level I competency framework for emergency responders and managers is established and applied to all personnel who may be required to perform emergency response duties. Provide emergency response leadership direction and technical expertise to support Qatar Local Authority activities. Provide training and education throughout the organization on emergency response, including developing emergency standard operating procedures for front line staff. 

Key Result Areas: 

• Manages common hazards and risks during firefighting and rescue operations 
• Saves and rescue endangered lives 
• Leads, monitor and support people to resolve operational incidents 
• Identifies hazards along with actual and potential risks in the work place that affect people, assets environment and the reputation of Qatar Foundation. 
• Manages hazards along with actual and potential risks in the work place that affect people, assets environment and the reputation of Qatar Foundation. 
• Promotes a positive health, safety and welfare culture. 
• Identifies, recognizes, and actions factors arising from risk assessment and risk management. 
• Manages appropriate methods and techniques to minimize risk to self and others in relation to managing common hazards and risks during firefighting and rescue operations 
• Competently performs using a range of equipment and resources used in rescue operations 
• Competently demonstrates use of PPE during firefighting and rescue operations 
• Contributes to communicate Emergency Response policies and procedures to all Qatar Foundation staff, students and contractors. 
• Liaises with Emergency Response Specialist to identify and record the short and long term training requirements/needs of employees to facilitate effective emergency response, 
• Assists Emergency response Specialist in developing specific training schedules Qatar Foundation staff, contractors and mutual aid agencies. 
• Acts as an instructor on training programs as requested. 
• Keeps abreast of the latest technological developments in training tools, techniques and methodologies and incorporates these innovations as appropriate. 
• Facilitates and implements systematic emergency drills in conjunction with the Emergency Preparedness Team and HSSE Branch Campus Steering Committee; ensures that all Emergency Response Plans are maintained for each of the emergencies identified as priorities in the Hazard Identification and Vulnerability Analysis, ensures that issues are identified and action plans are documented; coordinates the completion of the action plans to improve response outcomes. 
• Facilitates education programs and training materials on Emergency Management/Disaster Preparedness topics front line staff; collaborates with HSSE Branch Campus Steering Committee and the other departments to develop training materials that fit the needs of each Centre / Directorate/Department of QF; updates the Emergency Management Website on QF Portal in conjunction with the relevant Department. 
• Facilitates the maintenance of QF Emergency Command Centre (ECC) and all processes involved in the operation of the Centre; assist the Fire Emergency Response and BCP Manager in maintaining all equipment, plans and procedures in the Command Centre; participate in After Actions Reviews following all activations, identify and implement improvement processes.


• Knowledgeable in common hazards and risks associated with fire fighting and rescue operations 
• Knowledgeable about action and control measures associated with the management of risk during operations 
• Knowledgeable in the correct use, limitations, of the common types of equipment used in emergency operations
• Knowledgeable in how to access additional resources to support response and rescue operations and limits of authority 
• Knowledgeable about lines of communication at the incident ground 
• Knowledgeable about types of rescue operations 
• Knowledgeable about the type and range of situations which would require specialist support or advice in respect of rescue operations 
• Minimum Requirement: Firefighter I and Firefighter II or internationally recognised equivalent 
• Minimum Requirement: 5 years in firefighting and rescue operational role 
• Preferred: crew or watch Manager experience in firefighting and rescue operational 
• Excellent written/oral communication and interpersonal skills. 
• Able to drive 
• Abilty to perform manual handling of heavy rescue equipment 
• Ability to facilitate progress in a staff role, rather than from a position of direct line authority. 
• Ability to identify client needs, assess requirements and identify solutions. 
• Ability to develop and deliver effective emergency response training modules.

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