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Supervisor Occupational Health at Qatar Foundation

Job Description

Job Purpose: 

Reporting to ‘Senior Supervisor - Occupational Health’, the ‘Supervisor Occupational Health’ shall be responsible to assist in the development and implementation of an effective health and hygiene management system designed to ensure that the Qatar Foundation is in compliance with all Local and International standards/ regulations. This includes Respiratory Protection, Hearing Conservation, Personal Protective Equipment, Medical Surveillance Programs, Qualitative and Quantitative Exposure Assessment Program, etc. 

Key Result Areas: 

 Conducting appropriate research for the requirements of the health and hygiene programs utilizing the resources like survey databases, complaints, occupational health hazard identification and risk analysis. 
 Collecting data, performing analysis and maintaining current and accurate records of the workplace exposures to track historical trends and ensure proper reporting to regulatory agencies. 
 Monitoring and implementing ongoing training programs that focus on Hygiene and Health and also are concurrent with all regulations. Planning, scheduling and training the workforce on Health and Hygiene issues and ensuring records of training are maintained. 
 Monitoring, evaluating and controlling all existing and potential physical, chemical and biological health hazards. Maintaining accurate and detailed industrial hygiene records. Investigating adequacy of ventilation, exhaust equipment, lighting, and other conditions which may affect employee health, comfort, or efficiency. 
 Coordinating and maintaining a comprehensive health and hygiene program covering recognition, evaluation and control of occupational health hazards. 
 Managing, conducting, and implementing occupational health and hygiene surveys and programs. 
 Maintaining technical expertise and serving as a location resource on applicable codes, regulations and standards regarding incident prevention. 
 Maintaining and fostering positive employee relations and communications, both within the HSSE Department and among the various departments of Qatar Foundation’s branch campuses and centres. 
 Organizing and maintaining an array of occupational health and hygiene information resources and education materials as well as an organized occupational health and hygiene library with an up to date inventory. 
 Collecting samples of dust, gases, vapors and other potentially toxic materials for analysis. 
 Continuously developing depth of personal knowledge in the areas of Hygiene and Health techniques and practices. 
 Recommending measures to ensure maximum employee protection. 
 Collaborating with engineers and Physicians to institute control and remedial measures for hazardous conditions of equipment. 
 Participating in educational meetings to instruct employees in the matters pertaining to occupational health and industrial hygiene. 
 Coordinating and participating in the planning and implementation of Health programs including, but not limited to, educational and training seminars, screening programs, and Health Profile processes. Coordinating and/or assisting with the logistics, scheduling, and publicity of Health programs. 
 Collecting, analyzing and monitoring on an on-going basis the data relevant to the community health & hygiene status, health needs as well as the participation data with respect to various occupational health and hygiene programs.


• A degree/ diploma/ masters qualification in Occupational Hygiene/ Industrial Hygiene/ Health education or related field. 
• Minimum of two years of Medical Assistant / Occupational health nurse/ professional industrial hygiene experience. 
• Excellent time management skills with a demonstrated ability to organize competing priorities. 
• Effective problem-solving ability with demonstrated ability to organize competing priorities. 
• Strong communication skills (oral and written) 
• Exemplary knowledge and experience in the interpretation and practical implementation of applicable legislation and industry codes of practice as related to the academic field. 
• Work productively with all levels of personnel. 
• Must comply with Global Health Services guidelines and meet all regulatory requirements. 
• A Sound knowledge of computer applications / software is essential.

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