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Google Job for an Experienced Linguist

Google Job for an Experienced Linguist

Google is looking for an experienced project manager with linguistic background (native Bahasa Indonesia speaker) for a contract work starting around August 2013. See text below for job descriptions and requirements.
Job title:
Linguistic Project Manager (Bahasa Indonesia)
Job description:
As a Linguistic Project Manager and a native-level speaker of Bahasa Indonesia, you will oversee and manage all work related to achieving high data quality for linguistic projects in Indonesian.
You will be based in our office in Jakarta, Indonesia, managing a team of junior linguists and working on a number of projects towards developing standards around pronunciation and natural language speech
This includes:
managing and overseeing the work of your team
creating verbalisation rules, such as expanding URLs, email addresses, numbers
providing expertise on pronunciation and phonotactics
creating pronunciations for lexicon entries
working with QA tools according to given guidelines and using in-house tools
Job requirements:
native-level speaker of Bahasa Indonesia (Jakarta preferred) and fluent in English
keen ear for phonetic nuances and attention to detail; knowledge of the language’s phonology
must have attended elementary school in Jakarta, Indonesia;
ability to quickly grasp technical concepts
excellent oral and written communication skills
good organizational skills, previous experience in managing external resources
advanced degree in Linguistics, Computational Linguistics preferred
also a plus: proficiency with HTML, XML, and some programming language; previous experience working in a Linux environment
Project duration: 6-9 months.
For resume submission and any enquiry:

Budiman El Muhibby - 15-05-2013